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Classic Ponds manage and maintain a variety of different ponds from the smallest garden pond to custom built koi ponds and onto large ornamential ponds and water features both domestic and commercial, they will all benefit from being cleaned out at least once a year.

Enjoy your pond without spending hours working on it

There is no avoiding pond maintenance if you want your pond to remain clean and healthy, why not leave the hard work up to Classic Ponds.

Classic Ponds & Japanese Gardens

Full pond clean We offer a service that completely restores your pond to its natural beauty. We provide our pond cleaning service at any time of the year!
With a full pond clean we:
•  Drain the pond or water feature fully
•  Move all fish & wildlife into an aerated holding tank or koi vats
•  Removing all debris & sludge from the pond
•  Removing excess vegetation if required
•  Clean the pond lining using a power washer
•  Wash the pond and vacum clean
•  Clean the pond filter
•  Clean & servicing the pond pump
•  Change the UV bulb
•  Cleane the quartz sleeve
•  Carrying out any small repairs if needed
•  Re fill the pond with de-chlorinated water
•  Re starting the system back up
•  Return the fish to their freshly cleaned pond

Pond maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of harmful waste and bacteria in the pond. Over time ponds become dirty as a result of numerous factors including, uneaten fish food, fish waste, leaves and other organic waste falling in the water. These then collect and begin to slowly rot, producing a sludge or silt. The breakdowns of this sludge, silt produce gases which affect the PH of water and overall water quality. If left for too long this will affect fish health by adding stress through poor water quality making them more susceptible to disease and can even lead to deaths to fish and other important pond life.

Filters will slowly pick up and remove a small amount of solids but impossible for them to completely remove most of the waste. By getting your pond professionally cleaned you remove all dirt and harmful materials minimising this risk. It also leaves you with a pristine pond for you to enjoy your fish and other pond life.

Every pond is different and every customer has different needs, expectations and budgets. Therefore, Classic Ponds will customise a maintenance package based on your needs. We start by arranging an initial pond visit this allows us to get to know each other and helps to evaluate your needs, then, based on our evaluation, we will recommend to you ways to improve and maximise the performance of your pond, whether you desire one-time, seasonal, or regular pond maintenance, we can customise a plan that works for your schedule and budget, all visits include cleaning filters, cleaning out pond pumps, servicing and checking all equipment is working properly and to its full potential, replacing any equipment that may have broken, replacing UV bulbs, checking fish health and testing water quality, troubleshooting any problems and trimming back any plant life.

If you want a hassle free pond then we recommend either monthly or bi-monthly maintenance programs depending on type and size of pond, stocking and filtration requirements this ensurse your pond is in the best possible shape throughout the year, however we do not tie you into any contracts and are available for one off visits.

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