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Owning a pond can be a rewarding experience and a well-designed pond can be a wonderful addition to any landscape. Ponds should be carefully planned to ensure that your objectives are met. Planning requires careful assessment of your goals for your pond, how much time you have for maintenance, and answering many other questions, like:
• How do you decide on the best place to site your pond?
• How do you source the right materials?
• And where do you start when it comes to the groundwork?
Classic Ponds have years of experience in designing and building ponds of every type and size.

Classic Ponds - Design

Initially, we will visit you for a full consultation service to discuss your ideas and advise on design options and suitability. We will talk about the type of pond you would like and carefully choose where it will be sited, taking into account the size and style of your garden, ground conditions, practical considerations and cost implications.
Following this, we will come back to you with an estimated quote for the proposed project. We are able to provide a hand-drawn design, however, in most cases, customers are happy to discuss ideas and look at material samples.
When it comes to building a pond, there are a number of potential problems that could arise if the job isn’t done properly, incurring unnecessary costs and a lot of hassle! This is where our pond building services can make a difference. Classic Ponds can take care of the whole project, from concept thorough to completion sourcing the right equipment and materials to build a pond that is built to last.

Classic Ponds adopt a very friendly and considerate work ethic, with minimal disruption to our client and their garden. We always aim to leave a site as we found it – there is nothing worse than clearing up other peoples mess!

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