Classic Ponds

"We are a small friendly company who has turned our passion for ponds and
oriental gardens into a business........ ."

Classic Ponds specialise in pond design and construction of ponds, water gardens and Oriential gardens, we also offer pond cleaning and pond maintenance in Kent but can work generally anywhere in the South of England. Classic Pond's team are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care and can help you with any pond enquiry.

We have built our business on a quality level of service, exceptional knowledge and reliability but also a passion for ponds, which is why we are always willing to put all the more effort into everything we do. It’s our aim to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers, most of whom have used us again and again.

Classic Ponds & Japanese Gardens

We also build and install a range of unique bespoke teahouses, gazebos and filter houses. Our buildings have a rustic charm with an oriental influence and elegance. They are low in maintenance and highly durable ensuring that you can spend your leisure enjoying the peace and tranquility of your garden to the full.

At Classic Ponds, we have developed great relationships with our customers, who are not afraid to approach us for advice, even if it's just a quick phone call or email. In fact, we pride ourselves, not only on the quality of ponds we build, but the level of aftercare we offer.

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