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Aeration is a very crucial element in all ponds, every living thing in the pond requires a constant supply of oxygen. All serious pond and koi keepers need to have a dedicated aeration system running in their ponds and also in the biological chambers of their filters as well, depending on the fish they are keeping.

The EA Airpump range provides high performance diaphragm air pumps for all fishkeepers. Well engineered, robust and durable, they are ideal for use with Nexus Easy 220/320 and Easypod.

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Airtech Air Pump - 70 l/min - £125.00

Airtech Air Pump - 75 l/min - £150.00

Airtech Air Pump - 95 l/min - £195.00

Airtech Air Pump - 130 l/min - £260.00

Airtech Air Pump - 150 l/min - £355.00

• Price includes delivery

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